Each day included a morning and an afternoon excursion from the ship to observe and
experience a new island.   Each excursion got better and more spectacular.  There were
usually two or three choices for each excursion, low-medium or high intensity.

Eventually, each days events will be described in more detail, but for now, a brief
summary of each day is:

Day 1 - (PM) North Seymour Island

Day 2 - (AM) San Cristobal Island (Kicker Rock & Puerto Baquerizo Moreno)

Day 2 - (PM) Espanola Island (Punta Suarez)

Day 3 - (AM) Floreana Island (Cormorant Point & Champion Island)

Day 3 - (PM) Floreana Island (Mystery Bay & Baroness Lookout)

Day 4 - (AM) Santa Cruz (Las Bachas Beach)

Day 4 - (PM) Bartolome Island

Day 5 - (AM) Isabela Island - Elizabeth Bay

Day 5 - (PM) Fernandina Island (Punta Espinoza)

Day 6 - (AM) Santiago Island - Puerto Egas

Day 6 - (PM) Dragon Hill - Santa Cruz Island

Day 7 - (AM & PM) Santa Cruz Islands - Highlands and Puerto Ayora